Request for Proposals for Basic Technology Class Instruction for Twin Cities Public Libraries

The Metropolitan Library Service Agency (MELSA) is seeking proposals for the provision of a total of 100-125 basic technology classes per year at eight public library systems (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington County Libraries and Saint Paul Public Library) in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan region.  MELSA libraries offer a wide variety of free public computer and technology training programs. The purpose of this project is to increase the number of free basic computer programs offered to the public. Approximately ten classes will be scheduled per month at library and other public locations throughout the metropolitan region. 

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Below are answers to questions that MELSA has received about the RFP:

Will the libraries be responsible for all dates, times and locations for these classes? And might there be conflict if 2 or more libraries schedule classes at the same time?
Each of our eight member library systems requests classes independently. MELSA consolidates these requests and passes them on to the vendor. It is possible that there might be demand for more than one class at the same time. However, the vendor may set a limit on the number of classes offered at the same time or on the same day. This limit would be implemented by MELSA.  
As per Attachment E (draft contract), para. III, Workshop Cancellation, what might necessitate a cancellation on the libraries part?
The primary reason that libraries cancel classes is due to low enrollment. Class cancellations for this reason do happen occasionally.
Would it be possible to schedule 2 classes concurrently, to create a 4 hour block of instruction?
 Some libraries might be interested in this option, but this decision would be made on a library-by-library basis.
As per Part IV, para. C., d., should the RFP read “Base time allotment per class shall be three hours: TWO hours of class instruction and a third hour of time provided for transportation to site and set-up/take down time”.
Yes – that’s correct. Apologies for the error. 

Are all 106 libraries expected to hold classes at one time or another?
No. Generally, only a small portion of the libraries in the MELSA region host classes.

Will there be a set time of day for these classes?
No. We are interested in hearing about potential vendors' general availability for offering classes - please share this information in the narrative portion of your submission. Most of our libraries are open “retail hours” to best serve their customers, and there is demand for classes on evenings and weekends.  
As per Attachment E (draft contract), para. II, Payment of Fee for Services, would we be able to invoice for payment monthly or bi-weekly as opposed to “after workshops are held”?
Yes. Generally, vendors invoice MELSA on a monthly basis.

Is this a one year contract?
Yes. If all parties are satisfied after the first year, the contract may be renewed for an additional two years.